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class MoviePlotGenerator {
public static $adjectives = array('sadistic',
public static $occupations = array('movie-critic',
'goat wrangler',
'construction worker',
'investment banker',
'swimsuit model');
public static $quirks = array('penchant for melodrama',
'murky past',
'love for puppies',
'taste for blood',
'lust for antiques',
'background in Kung Fu',
'baby on the way',
'57\' Chevy',
'family back in Mexico');
* Get the plot of the next blockbuster action flick.
* @return string
public function getPlot()
$his_adjective = $this->getRandom(self::$adjectives);
$his_occupation = $this->getRandom(self::$occupations);
$his_quirk = $this->getRandom(self::$quirks);
$her_adjective = $this->getRandom(self::$adjectives);
$her_occupation = $this->getRandom(self::$occupations);
$her_quirk = $this->getRandom(self::$quirks);
$plot = "He's a $his_adjective $his_occupation with a $his_quirk. ";
$plot .= "She's a $her_adjective $her_occupation with a $her_quirk. ";
$plot .= "They fight crime.";
return $plot;
* Return a random element from the array $arr.
* @param array $arr
* @return mixed
protected function getRandom($arr)
return $arr[rand(0, count($arr) - 1)];
$generator = new MoviePlotGenerator();
print $generator->getPlot() . "\n";
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