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☔️ Wikipedia turned into a newsfeed
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How it works?

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The home page of Wikifeedia consist of a news feed of Featured articles. Featured articles are considered to be the best articles in Wikipedia. As of now there is no API for getting a list of featured articles that changes each time one make a request. To facilitate this I had to to make a new API server along with some Javascript tweaks.

The backend of Wikifeedia can be found here.


git clone
cd Wikifeedia
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Now browse to http://localhost:8000 .

Equivalent python3 command is python3 -m http.server


Your code goes live the moment it gets merged. Excited? Here is a small list of ToDos you can start working right now.


  • Improve the UI.
  • The search results can be improved.
  • Custom home page
  • Implement any MV* framework ( preferably Backbone / React )

Your own ideas are also welcome as pull requests.

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