Peer to peer multi chat application with encryption made in Java
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Peer Chat

A Simple multi client chat with encryption implemented in Java Swing

How to run the Chat

Download and Compile and run with the following steps

  • javac
  • javac
  • java PeerChatServer in terminal (Started Server)
  • java PeerChatClient in terminal (Started Client)
  • Enter java PeerChatClient again so that there are now two clients connected to server


  • Make sure that PeerChatServer is already started before running the Clients
  • The software is tested only in Ubuntu/Linux.
  • If port 8888 is used by some other application please change it.

How it works?

The PeerChatServer acts only as the server. Start atleast two peerChatClient files to start communication with each other along with the Server file running.

How to connect to server?

When this screen pops up enter localhost. Optional: If you are using two diffrent computers enter the ip address of the server.

How to login?

The following login credentials can be used to login to the systemUsername

  • snape iiita
  • potter malfoy
  • jonsnow iiita
  • hulk iiita
  • ironman tonystark
  • batman darkknight

Once logged in the clients can send messages to each other.

Awesome Features

  • Secure communication with JCE(DES/ECB/PKCS5)
  • Group chat
  • Validation of sign in details in Server side
  • Simple to use GUI
  • Cross Platform (Windows, MAC, Linux)