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Curl wrapper for Yii framework

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Curl Wrapper for Yii framework


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Yii 1.1.7 (should work on older versions too)
  • Curl and php-curl installed

Setup instructions

  • Place Curl.php into protected/extensions folder of your project
  • in main.php, add the following to 'components':
    'curl' => array(
            'class' => 'ext.Curl',
            'options' => array(/.. additional curl options ../)


  • to GET a page with default params
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->get($url, $params);
    // output will contain the result of the query
    // $params - query that'll be appended to the url
  • to POST data to a page
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->post($url, $data);
    // $data - data that will be POSTed

  • to PUT data
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->put($url, $data, $params);
    // $data - data that will be sent in the body of the PUT

  • to DELETE
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->delete($url, $params);
    // $params - query that'll be appended to the url

  • to set options before GET or POST
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->setOption($name, $value)->get($url, $params);
    // $name & $value - CURL options
    $output = Yii::app()->curl->setOptions(array($name => $value))->get($get, $params);
    // pass key value pairs containing the CURL options
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