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These are the source codes for the Integration of Instamojo payment gateway using PHP without refreshing the page
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config.php Php File Jul 18, 2018

Instamojo Payment Gateway

This is an updated script of Instamojo Payment Gateway.

Update Contains -

  • Owner will be notified everytime a user complete a payment.
  • On page Payment gateway without refreshing the page using instamojo web integration method.
<script src=""></script>

In instamojo Payment link is like

Checkout Instamojo Documentation for more.

How to install

Just open config.php file.


	$email = 'YOUR_EMAIL'; //To Sent to a notify email whenever a user complete a payment.
	$api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY';
	$api_secret = 'YOUR_API_SECRET';
	$api_salt = 'YOUR_API_SALT';
	$webhook_url = 'https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/webhook.php';
	$redirect_url = 'https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/thanks.php';
	$mode = "test"; //You can change it to live by jest replacing it by 'live'
	if($mode == 'live'){
		$mode = 'www';
		$mode = 'test';

Edit and Replace YOUR_EMAIL with your email & replace API_KEY , API_SECRET AND API_SALT with your own credentials which you can obtain from instamojo dashboard.

And in last edit YOUR_WEBSITE_URL with your website url and if the instamojo files are in sub-directory then add YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/DIRECTORY_NAME/

NOTE - and are both different site, the one with subdomain test is only for testing purposes and the API_KEY, API_SECRET, & API_SALT is different for both the sites.

So if you are planning to use this script in live mode just edit $mode = 'test'; adn replace test with live

That's it and you are Good to Go

So Just Go to Instamojo Payment Gateway Demo and check out the demo.

Here are the Test Debit Card Credentials which you can use to test the Payment gateway.

Card Number - 4242424242424242 
expiry Date - 01/20 
CVV - 111 
Second Factor Authentication Code - 1221
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