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CS DUG (formerly known as H@B)

Quick links: events-in-progress, wiki, how to run an event, responsibilities.

This is the code for the website.

Events in progress

Event dictatorship goes on in the issues page.

  • make an issue for your event if it isn't already there
  • assign yourself as dictator
  • copy in the event TODO list:

    - [√] copied in event checklist
    - [ ] reserved room, made sure no conflicts        
    - [ ] announced event to [ ]facebook, [ ]ugrad åt, [ ]morning mail
    - [ ] optional: made a poster or asked charles to make one for the event                
    - [ ] read over [how to host an event](                
    - [ ] delegated to other people!
    - [ ] ?
  • check off items as you do them and get it done! :)

  • ask Charles/Mackenzie for help as needed (just @mention them or email them)
  • first-timers to event organization should sit down with Mackenzie/Charles to run lightly through the checklist and get a feel for how it all works

How to get involved in CS DUG

  • start coming to meetings (announced on FB group)
  • meetings are 30 minutes long
  • decide that you want to make an event happen, or volunteer to help someone else