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The code running


To get started developing, make sure you have the correct software installed.

This projects uses Django with Python 3. Make sure you have Python3 and pip3 installed.

For Linux

apt-get install python3

apt-get install python3-pip

For Windows


  1. Install Python3 manually and use CMD

  2. Use an environment such as Cygwin64, select pip3 and python3 during install.

  3. Install Linux Subsystem for Windows and install Ubuntu (or other prefered distro) from Windows Store

Set up a virtual environment with virtualenv

Instead of installing a bunch of python files system-wide, we will use a virtual environment to install the packages in a single folder instead.

  1. Install virtualenv: pip3 install virtualenv

  2. Create virtualenv: virtualenv venv

  3. Activate virtualenv: source venv/bin/activate

Download and initialize the project

Clone the project: git clone

Go into the project: cd website/

Install required python packages: pip install -r requirements.txt

Migrate the database: python migrate

After installing the required packages and initializing the database, you can run the server with the following command: python runserver

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