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+Deploying HSM
+HSM is a standard rails application, for the most part. The current
+recommended deployment is to Heroku, you should read the documentation on
+deploying to heroku, first. It's pretty standard stuff, and you should figure
+that one out yourself, frankly.
+There are a few gotchas, however
+By default, HSM is pretty barren, there's not really anything but "Users", and
+they don't have membership or anything like that. All of that is handled by
+plugins which are just standard [Rails engines](
+There are a handful of small things to keep in mind, but it's really pretty
+simple. Just add the plugin to your Gemfile and run some commands as outlined
+in the Plugin's README (for example):
+gem 'hsm_tools', :source => ""
+$ bundle
+$ rails g hsm_tools:install
+$ rake db:migrate
+The canonical repository for HSM plugins would be at [our github
+page](, but feel free to develop your
+own awesome plugins! We will have a loose plugin documentation API

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