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HackerspaceSG's Fifth Birthday, November 14/15/16 2014

Introducing ... http://hackerspace.sg an early video by Hugh Mason


  • Meng can cook on Sat Nov 15 but will be out of town from Sunday onwards

Possible Activities

  • Meng's Meat: perhaps Meng can be persuaded to produce some sous vide awesomeness
  • Do organisations who started here want to be involved? Viki, JFDI, BlinkBl_nk, Singapore Humanists, ...
  • it would be interesting to hear a bunch of short talks by these organizations to talk about what they've accomplished and learned in the last few years since founding, and what they plan to do in the next 5 years.
  • WebRTC hackathon
  • involve the neighbouring makespace.sg?



  • Once events are pinned down, advise Thomas Gorissen to update DevFest.