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TallyUp (formerly known as HackDo) HackDo

TallyUp HackDo is meant to be a membership (and others) management system for Hackerspaces.

Keeping track of membership is a chore that takes time and can end up quite messy, so let's try and solve that pain point.

Most of the magic goes on in the Admin console (have a look in hado/


  1. Create a virtualenv (install the package if you haven't already), eg. dev:

    $ virtualenv --no-site-packages dev
    $ . dev/bin/activate
  2. Grab the source code, and stick it in the virtualenv created above:

    (dev)$ cd dev
    (dev)$ git clone git://
  3. Grab and install other dependencies in the virtualenv:

    (dev)$ cd hackdo
    (dev)$ pip install -r scripts/requirements.txt
  4. Set up django's tables and migrations:

    (dev)$ ./ syncdb
    (dev)$ ./ migrate --all