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Bootstrap Theme Machine

A collection of stylized Bootstrap Themes by HackerThemes

This project includes all the free and open source Bootstrap themes on HackerThemes.com. Each folder under /dist/ is it's own theme, which includes a small starter template as well.

Note: The source does not include the fancy code picker presentation form the website, as that stuff is entangled with the rest of the site. What you have here is simply everything you need to build, modify and use the themes themselves for your projects.

Getting started

You can either clone this entire repository and use the themes under /dist/, or head download the Bootstrap themes individually on our website.

Build steps

To build and modify the themes, you'll need to use npm and gulp. You'll also need Ruby and scss-lint. On Ubuntu (and hopefully other systems :-) you can do:

  1. gem install scss_lint
  2. npm install to install all the dependencies
  3. npm install gulp -g to install gulp globally
  4. gulp to run the build once or gulp watch to turn on the watcher that rebuilds as you edit


Alexander Rechsteiner


Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2017-2018 HackerThemes Code released under the MIT License.