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scripts and things


  • twerk (formally ricenp)
    • supports many players
    • supports
    • can format output for xfce4-genmon-plugin if specified
    • has multiple formats
  • toggle_vol
    • toggles volume between headphones and speakers
    • probably depends on your audio card


  • jimmies
    • also known as the jimmy rustler 2000
    • takes two random words from dictionaries installed on ystem and rustles jimmies with them
    • providing all as an argument will make it look through all dictionaries in /usr/share/dict/, otherwise it will just use /usr/share/dict/words


  • takenotes
    • saves everything into ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/takenotes/
    • small note-saving program
    • sits in tray and waits for a left click or clicking Take Notes in the menu
    • requires yad
  • brightness
    • changes monitor brightness
    • monitor used is customizable
    • requires sudo (blame good security)
  • pwgen
    • generates a password, each repeat never repeats characters.
    • repeats and amount of characters is configurable


  • gmail_open
    • parses mailto links to work with gmail's web interface
      • parses cc, bcc, subject, body, and to
    • useful for setting as default email client
    • if given no url it just opens
  • imgurdl
    • downloads each image in an imgur album
    • can download multiple albums, just provide multiple links
  • pyfilesh
    • interfaces with a pyfileserv server