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[![Build status](](!/hacketyhack/
-This is the source code for
+[][] is the web backend powering the collaborative features of [Hackety Hack][hh]. It is written in Rails 3 and continues to be under active development (see 'Helping Out'), the switch to Rails 3 happened quite recently so there's still lots to be done.
-At the moment, we're re-building it for Rails 3. So there's not a lot of docs. Sorry about that!
+## Helping Out ##
+If you have any experience writing Rails apps, feel free to help out, we're open to pull requests as long as you follow a few conditions.
++ **Test your code**, we really can't stress this enough, ideally you should be practicing [TDD][tdd] and writing tests before you even write your code. If you don't test your code, we have no way of knowing if it works properly so please do test.
++ **If it's a major feature, file an issue**, if you file an issue we can discuss certain aspects of the new feature with you and ensure it's a good fit for
+Additionally, if you're _not_ a developer and you have a feature you'd really like to see on the site, file an issue and we'll be sure to look into it on your behalf.

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