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Build status is the web backend powering the collaborative features of Hackety Hack. It is written in Rails 3 and continues to be under active development (see 'Helping Out'), the switch to Rails 3 happened quite recently so there's still lots to be done.

Helping Out

If you have any experience writing Rails apps, feel free to help out, we're open to pull requests as long as you follow a few conditions.

  • Test your code, we really can't stress this enough, ideally you should be practicing TDD and writing tests before you even write your code. If you don't test your code, we have no way of knowing if it works properly so please do test.
  • If it's a major feature, file an issue, if you file an issue we can discuss certain aspects of the new feature with you and ensure it's a good fit for

Additionally, if you're not a developer and you have a feature you'd really like to see on the site, file an issue and we'll be sure to look into it on your behalf.

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