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Nobody knows where the error console is. #108

steveklabnik opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I should make it a button on the GUI or something.


And it should pop up when a program has an error. In my experience with my beginning programmer, when something doesn't work, she assumes that it's "the computer" that's not working, not her program. Given the machine she has to work on, I can't blame her ;)

Where is the error console, by the way?


Ok, I do see where the lesson teaches about the console (I think my student blasted through that one while I wasn't looking).

I can also rationalize keeping errors hidden, so as not to overwhelm beginners. A happy medium might be a playful alert that says something like "Oops! Looks like you might have a mistake in line 4. See if you can spot it." And then something like "Give up? Here's a clue," which you could click to get the full error console.


Hmmm... I like it!


Upvotes to showing the error console on errors or giving hints per @wasnotrice 's idea.

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