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Crash with strange characters in scripts (ä,ö,ü...) #139

PragTob opened this Issue November 17, 2011 · 3 comments

2 participants

Tobias Pfeiffer Steve Klabnik
Tobias Pfeiffer

Hacketyhack crashes when I save a script just containing some letters, some of them being ä, ö or ü, and then restart hacketyhack.

Error is invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII

I believe it shouldn't crash (then maybe a shoes issue) or at least hacketyhack should catch this and load anyway but without the compromised script.

And I thought that my code messed things up :-/

Steve Klabnik

Hrm. Can you get a trace on this? I thought we were coercing everything to UTF8...

Tobias Pfeiffer

Hey I can't copy from the shoes error console so I made a screenshot. Encoding seems to be US-ASCII although my system encoding and everything is imo correctly set to UTF-8.

I got the error by creating a script simply containing


and saving it with the name ae - then I restarted hacketyhack, that's the error you see. hacketyhack is current Master version and shoes is current development version (both freshly pulled from upstream):

HacketyHack Encoding Error

edit: these image hosters are weird, I get a forbidden... maybe this link works

Steve Klabnik

No worries. The reproducibility is the big thing. Thanks.

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