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Login problems #148

PragTob opened this Issue · 6 comments

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People over at report that they can not login.


Just tested to login to from the HH app: it works as expected. I managed to:

  • Log in to from the website,
  • Connect my account from the HH app.

(However, as soon as I uploaded a program, the website became very slow, and almost unusable.)

This is a little weird: I couldn't authenticate from the app something like two weeks ago.

Tested with HH on the master branch (43ccd49) and a pre-compiled version of Shoes, on Mac OS 10.7.4.


For me, master works fine, but the download of 1.0.1 from the website does not. It seems a new release would fix this.


Releasing is unfortunately hard due to the state of Shoes... or am I wrong @steveklabnik ?


Yes. This is not really fixable until the new Shoes drops. :'(


Doing our best to make that happen :-) Although I hoped to be doing ruby summer of code with shoes, I feat that won't be happening though, haven't heard from rubysoc for way too long :-/

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