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Copy-paste is broken #67

steveklabnik opened this Issue · 6 comments

2 participants


Further details:

If you do Alt-C it copies and you can paste with Ctrl-C (in a different program)

Alt-C = works, expected = Copy
Alt-X = works, expected = Cut
Alt-V = works, expected = Paste
Alt-Z = doesn't work, expected = Undo
Alt-Y = Doesn't work, expected = Undo
Alt-S = Doesn't work, expected = Save


We maintain our own clipboard. This is the root of the issue.


Copy-Paste also broken on OS X (at least on both Snow Leopard and Lion). Alt as substitute doesn't work.

Will this program ever support copy and paste?


Yeah, it's unfortunate. :/ Lots of work going into Shoes to fix this. But it's gonna take a while.

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