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No Sample programs #85

steveklabnik opened this Issue Dec 28, 2010 · 11 comments


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steveklabnik commented Dec 28, 2010

Apparently the sample programs aren't showing up for some Windows users.


steveklabnik commented Dec 28, 2010

confirmed by some sources here: http://hackety-hack.com/content/4d19ae99b835d269d0000461

they're there, just not loading.


steveklabnik commented Dec 30, 2010

They are appearing on computers, just not showing up: http://hackety-hack.com/content/4d1bc67455b4e07aab000061


steveklabnik commented Jan 3, 2011

oh, and this

ddd commented Oct 12, 2011

@steveklabnik this also doesn't work on OS X (Lion here). The samples directory is on the same level as app/, and it should be under app/

I'm seeing the issue in Windows 7, with version 1.0.0. I notice the above sample pic looks Windows XP. Standard directories moved around between Win7 and XP, so that might be part of the problem.

On my version I see the samples here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hackety Hack\0.r1529\samples

My HH::HOME=C:\users\greg. So standard win7 home folder.

Also, for completeness I'll mention that I see my own programs here:
C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Roaming\Hackety Hack

Apologies for sending lots of issues but not doing anything to help solve them. I'll look into seeing if there's anything I can write a patch for when I'm done with my presentations next week... :)


steveklabnik commented Feb 12, 2012

Apologies for sending lots of issues but not doing anything to help solve them

Absolutely no worries. Issues by themselves are great. If I can help you help me with any of them, please let me know. :)


steveklabnik commented Feb 12, 2012

Oh, and I think this is a packaging issue; we're just not placing them in the correct directory.

Not just packaging, unfortunately, but also encoding.

As a test I altered the path in app/db/tables.rb:214 in 'samples' to


and now app/db/tables.rb:202 'get_script' barfs.

So, when I start HH, the splash doesn't work, and there's nothing on the home tab. There's a stack trace in the HH console, but I can't copy from it, sorry. I'll type you the top, though:

  invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII
  /Applications/Hackety Hack.app/Contents/MacOS/app/app/db/table.rb:202:in `match'
  /Applications/Hackety Hack.app/Contents/MacOS/app/app/db/table.rb:202:in `match'
  /Applications/Hackety Hack.app/Contents/MacOS/app/app/db/table.rb:202:in `get_script'
  /Applications/Hackety Hack.app/Contents/MacOS/app/app/db/table.rb:215:in `block in samples'

steveklabnik commented Jun 17, 2012


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