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env-override = (json) ->
for key of json when process.env[key]?
json[key] = that
require! fs
require-json = -> JSON.parse fs.readFileSync it, \utf-8
config = env-override require-json('./app/config.jsenv')
paths =
pub: '_public'
index: 'app/*.jade'
template: 'app/partials/**/*.jade'
assets: 'app/assets/**'
js-vendor: 'vendor/scripts/*.js'
js-env: 'app/*.jsenv'
ls-app: 'app/**/*.ls'
css-vendor: 'vendor/styles/*.css'
stylus: 'app/styles/*.styl'
require! <[gulp gulp-util gulp-concat gulp-livescript gulp-livereload streamqueue gulp-karma path gulp-if]>
gutil = gulp-util
{protractor, webdriver_update} = require 'gulp-protractor'
livereload-server = require(\tiny-lr)!
livereload = -> gulp-livereload livereload-server
production = true if gutil.env.env is \production
var http-server
gulp.task \httpServer ->
require! express
port = 3333
app = express!
app.use require('connect-livereload')!
app.use express.static path.resolve
app.all '/**' (req, res, next) ->
res.sendfile __dirname + '/_public/index.html'
http-server := require \http .create-server app
http-server.listen port, ->
gutil.log "Running on " + gutil.colors.bold.inverse "http://localhost:#port"
gulp.task 'build' <[assets template fonts:vendor images:vendor js:app js:vendor css]>
gulp.task 'dev' <[build httpServer]> ->
port = 35729
livereload-server.listen port, -> gutil.log it if it paths.index, <[index]> paths.template, <[template]> paths.assets, <[assets]> [paths.js-env,] <[js:app]> paths.stylus, <[css]>
gulp.task 'webdriver_update' webdriver_update
gulp.task 'protractor' <[webdriver_update httpServer]> ->
gulp.src ["./test/e2e/app/*.ls"]
.pipe protractor configFile: "./test/"
.on 'error' ->
throw it
gulp.task 'test:e2e' <[protractor]> ->
gulp.task 'protractor:sauce' <[webdriver_update build httpServer]> ->
args =
if process.env.TRAVIS_JOB_NUMBER
#args['capabilities.tunnel-identifier'] = that
args.push '--capabilities.tunnel-identifier'
args.push that
gulp.src ["./test/e2e/app/*.ls"]
.pipe protractor do
configFile: "./test/"
args: args
.on 'error' ->
throw it
gulp.task 'test:sauce' <[protractor:sauce]> ->
gulp.task 'test:unit' <[build]> ->
gulp.start 'test:karma'
gulp.task 'test:karma' ->
gulp.src [
* "_public/js/vendor.js"
* "_public/js/app.templates.js"
* "_public/js/app.js"
* "bower_components/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js"
* "test/unit/**/*"
.pipe gulp-karma do
config-file: 'test/'
action: 'run'
browsers: <[PhantomJS]>
.on 'error' ->
console.log it
throw it
require! <[gulp-json-editor gulp-insert gulp-commonjs gulp-uglify]>
gulp.task 'js:app' ->
env = gulp.src paths.js-env
.pipe gulp-json-editor env-override
.pipe gulp-insert.prepend 'module.exports = '
.pipe gulp-commonjs!
app = gulp.src
.pipe gulp-livescript({+bare}).on \error gutil.log
s = streamqueue { +objectMode }
.done env, app
.pipe gulp-concat 'app.js'
.pipe gulp-if production, gulp-uglify!
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/js"
require! <[gulp-filter bower main-bower-files gulp-stylus gulp-csso gulp-flatten]>
gulp.task 'bower' ->
bower.commands.install!on \end (results) ->
for pkg, data of results
gutil.log do
gutil.colors.cyan data.pkgMeta.version
gulp.task 'fonts:vendor' <[bower]> ->
gulp.src main-bower-files!
.pipe gulp-filter <[**/*.eof **/*.ttf **/*.svg **/*.woff]>
.pipe gulp-flatten!
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/fonts"
gulp.task 'images:vendor' <[bower]> ->
gulp.src main-bower-files!
.pipe gulp-filter <[**/*.jpg **/*.jpeg **/*.png **/*.gif]>
.pipe gulp-flatten!
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/images"
gulp.task 'js:vendor' <[bower]> ->
bower = gulp.src main-bower-files!
.pipe gulp-filter <[**/*.js !**/*.min.js]>
s = streamqueue { +objectMode }
.done bower, gulp.src paths.js-vendor
.pipe gulp-concat 'vendor.js'
.pipe gulp-if production, gulp-uglify!
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/js"
.pipe livereload!
gulp.task 'css' <[bower]> ->
vendor = gulp.src paths.css-vendor
bower = gulp.src main-bower-files!
.pipe gulp-filter <[**/*.css !**/*.min.css]>
bower-styl = gulp.src main-bower-files!
.pipe gulp-filter (.path is /\.styl$/)
.pipe gulp-stylus use: <[nib]>
styl = gulp.src paths.stylus
.pipe gulp-filter (.path isnt /\/_[^/]+\.styl$/) # isnt files for including
.pipe gulp-stylus use: <[nib]>
s = streamqueue { +objectMode }
.done vendor, bower, bower-styl, styl
.pipe gulp-concat 'app.css'
.pipe gulp-if production, gulp-csso!
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/css"
.pipe livereload!
require! <[gulp-angular-templatecache gulp-jade]>
gulp.task 'index' ->
pretty = yes if gutil.env.env isnt 'production'
gulp.src paths.index
.pipe gulp-jade do
pretty: pretty
googleAnalytics: config.GA_ID
domainName: config.DOMAIN_NAME
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}"
.pipe livereload!
gulp.task 'template' <[index]> ->
gulp.src paths.template
.pipe gulp-jade!
.pipe gulp-angular-templatecache 'app.templates.js' do
base: "#{process.cwd!}/app"
filename: 'app.templates.js'
module: 'app.templates'
standalone: true
.pipe gulp.dest "#{}/js"
.pipe livereload!
gulp.task 'assets' ->
gulp.src paths.assets
.pipe gulp.dest
gulp.task 'default' <[build]>
require! <[gulp-replace]>
gulp.task 'replace', ->
gulp.src 'templates/deploy'
.pipe gulp-replace /GITHUB_ACCOUNT/, config.GITHUB_ACCOUNT
.pipe gulp.dest '.'
gulp.src 'templates/'
.pipe gulp-replace /HACKFOLDR_ID/, config.HACKFOLDR_ID
.pipe gulp.dest 'app'
gulp.src 'templates/'
.pipe gulp-replace /HACKFOLDR_ID/, config.HACKFOLDR_ID
.pipe gulp.dest 'app/app'
gulp.src 'templates/CNAME'
.pipe gulp-replace /DOMAIN_NAME/, config.DOMAIN_NAME
.pipe gulp.dest 'app/assets'