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A list of all Twitter accounts associated with the City and County of Los Angeles.
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A list of all Twitter accounts associated with the City and County of Los Angeles.


This project is modeled after Code For Pittsburgh's citytwitter. Twitter remains a useful civic tool that gives the public direct access to public officials, departments, and various municipal authorities. This project will attempt to catalgue current handles and will need regular updating as local leaders change over time.

How to Contribute

This is a non-technical project that anyone can contribute to by doing research and documenting Twitter handles in a Markdown file. Markdown is a simple way to add formatting.

Types of accounts to add:

  • City governments.
  • City and county departments.
  • Police precincts.
  • Authorities (water, sewage, housing).
  • Elected officials.
  • Appointed officials.
  • Former officials.
  • State representatives.
  • Congressional representatives.
  • Temporary, event, etc. accounts.
  • Automated accounts.
  • Third party, non-official accounts.
  • Satirical accounts.


  • Look through the accounts followed by departments and officials because they tend to be other departments and officials.


  • Order by district/zone/precinct/etc. numbers if they exist, otherwise order alphabetically.

Steps to add your changes:

  1. Go to the file and click the Edit icon.
  2. Make your updates using Markdown (see guide).
  3. Write a short description of what you did and propose your change as a Pull Request.
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