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An open-source project to modernize online school resources led by students
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New Schools Today

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New Schools Today is an open-source project to modernize online school resources envisioned by students. It is going to be an easy to use template that will allow any school to get a modern website.

Technology used

  • React
  • JSON Data

How to contribute

Who we are looking for

  • UX Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • React Tutor

How to join

  • Join the team
    • Join our slack
    • Come to Hack For LA Santa Monica on Monday Nights

We are currently not taking remote contributors.

Standardized contribution method

Open and read through the issue you will be tackling

  • Make sure you understand it. If not, comment any questions or ask them on Slack
  • Create a new branch on GitHub that describes what you will code
    • Use camelCase → first letter is lowercase, no spaces, the first letter of every word is capitalized
  • Create the file
    • The name should correctly identify the code so that others can understand
      • Ex: If you are making a staff directory call it “staffDirectory.dart”
    • Make sure that it is in the right folder, make another one if absolutely needed with Josh, Ben, or Jason’s approval
      • Ex: Pages go in the pages file, components go in the components file
  • Start coding
    • Using comments, write some pseudo code
    • Add to central router, make sure it correctly refers to what you are accomplishing and that it is unlike the other routers
    • Do not touch unrelated files
    • After every coding session, add a comment to the issue you are working on
    • Make sure code is clean and well formatted
  • When you have finished coding, double check that there are no issues and that the app works without any new bugs
  • Create a pull request on GitHub that includes:
    • A detailed summary of everything you did
    • The issue it fixes
  • If it is returned, read the comments, fix them, and create a new pull request
  • If the issue is then closed, ask which issue you will deal with next
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