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Hack For LA

We are a local Brigade of the national non-profit Code for America, called Hack For LA. We organize project teams to work on specific projects, and the teams run out of weekly “hack nights” in Santa Monica, DTLA, and Inglewood.

Record Clearance Project

Record Clearance is a project of Hack for LA. Record Clearance helps people in California with non-violent criminal records accomplish record clearance, expungement or reduction as a result of Prop 47 & Prop 64.

The main features include building trust, educating the public about the program and informing those who are eligible for this program.

Project context

Record clearance or reduction in California is only possible as a result of Prop 64 & Prop 47.

Community organizers and non-profits are already working in this space and getting results

  • We’ve met organizers and public defenders,
  • We have or will attended an NDICA clinic to see the process first-hand.

We believe we can be partners to these players, growing their impact by applying our skills in the digital and service design realms. In particular we have heard that help is needed in outreach. The project team’s first goal is to understand the human side of the situation today. The most critical questions we need answers to are:

  • Why hasn’t relief/expungement been pursued by most of the 200,000+ residents of LA County who are eligible?
  • And what information or outreach got some people to pursue relief?

Onboarding Process

1 Add your info to the team roster

2 Create a Slack Account & Add yourself to Slack channel #record-clearance on

3 Review On-boarding Doc

Additional info

Besides the On-boarding doc you can find insight on this project by reviewing;

Technology used

  • Slack for instant message communication
  • Github & Google Doc's for documentation
    • For the purpose tracking progress and general of administration of the project we will be using Github's Kanban boards
  • Teleconference meetings

How to contribute

Explain the different ways people can contribute. For example:

  • Join the team on Slack channel and at our weekly Monday hack night in person or teleconference (start at 7pm at the latest).
  • To help with user research, Sync with Charlotte.
  • To provide design support, sync with Angela.
  • To contribute to the code, {TBA}.

Process for meetings:

  1. We will start each meeting by looking over the Automated Kanban board, using it to drive meetings & agenda points.

  2. When the group creates action items we will document them as issues and they will be prioritized & assigned on the Kanban board.

Installation instructions {TBA}

  1. Step-by-step instructions help new contributors get a development environment up and running quickly.
  2. You'll want to find the balance between being specific enough for novices to follow, without being so specific that you reinvent the wheel by providing overly-basic instructions that can be found elsewhere.
  3. Feel free to adapt this section and its sub-sections to your own processes.
  4. Alternatively, you can move everything from Installation instructions through Testing to a separate file to keep your more succinct.

Working with forks, branches, pull requests and reviews

  • We should only have one master branch at this time. At this point in the project, we are not working with any code yet. So all progress being made will be track on Github.


  • {TBA}

Contact info

Include at least one way (or more, if possible) to reach your team with questions or comments. Angela Molina - Project Lead - or on Slack @hiAngela

Licensing {TBA}

Include details about the project's open source status.

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