Supporting the Refugee Phone organization with trust management of potential volunteers and simplifying the order procedure and maintenance.
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Description: Organizers need to trust all people handing out the phones and only two people can approve them. This takes time. They need a system that can handle the ordering of phones and approving of the people that order. See current web page for more information,


  • Remember to only use libraries, content etc that is compatible with an open source license.
  • Replace this file with something describing your project.
  • Push continously to your repo during the hack.
  • If anything is unclear, just ask! :)


  • Prepare a 2 minute presentation of your project. Be effective!
  • If you have any audio/video needs, sync with us so things can go smoothly.


We will put up a showcase site to show all of your hacks to the world! But for this we need the showcase to look its best. We need you to fill in some additional info in your GitHub repos. Some of you might not have to do this. We’ve guesstimated that this will take you around 12.5 minutes. About 4 minutes if you're familiar with git and GitHub!

  1. Add a Hack Description (2 minutes)
  2. Update the description at the top of the github page of your repository by pressing the grey Edit button. No longer than 50 words!
  3. Add a Hack website (30 seconds)
  4. Update the website at the top of the github page of your repository by pressing the grey Edit button. This would be a link to a live running demo, if possible.
  5. Add a Hack Thumbnail Image (400 x 200 px) - this is the tricky part (1.5 - 10 minutes) (*. Make a pull-request to the showcase repo with your image added at 'public/hackshots/.png')
  6. Take a screenshot/photo that represents your hack, be creative. Pimp it if you wish.
  7. Visit and make a 'Fork'. Clone it down locally.
  8. Add your image as 'public/hackshots/.png'. For example 'hackshots/destination-unkonwn.png' (Note: If you have a space in your team name, replace it with a dash)
  9. Commit and push to your fork.
  10. Visit your fork on GitHub and press the green Pull Request icon, to the left in the toolbar just above the list of files.
  11. Create a Pull Request to our master repo by submitting the form.
  12. Fill out the evaluation form if you didn't already. If you did, have a cup of tea while we merge the pull request.
  13. Visit the showcase page and glare at the pretty pictures Send us any questions or comments regarding the showcase page (maybe your hack is not displayed properly, oh dear, we’ll fix this!). We also take Pull Requests for the site itself! (we love open source). Live and prosper wise ones! (and fill out the evaluation form) Cheers!

/Hack for Refugees crew