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HackForVenezuela Website


This website serves as an online presence for HackForVenezuela events. See below for instructions on how to edit or contribute to the page.

TL;DR for the experienced

  1. Fork this repo from HackForVenezuela/
  2. Make changes on gh-pages branch
  3. Submit pull request to merge into base fork's gh-pages branch
  4. If hotfixing, contact an admin to have changes pushed to master immediately


Do not clone the repo directly!

  1. On the repo's main page, click the fork button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Select your username from the list of organizations if prompted
    • This will create a copy of the repository on your account that you can work off of
  3. Now, you can clone your copy of the repository using the following command:
    • git clone<your_username>/
    • (You can also clone via ssh if you have that set up)

Making changes

Ensure that you make all changes on the gh-pages branch of your fork! If using GitHub Pages to preview your changes, you can view any pushed changes live at: https://<your_username>

For help using git, checkout the official GitHub guides at

Submitting changes for review

  1. On your forked branch, click the New Pull Request button
  2. Ensure that the base fork is HackForVenezuela/ and the base branch is gh-pages.
  3. Ensure that the head fork is <your_username>/ and that the compare branch is gh-pages
  4. Enter a summary of your changes and select Create Pull Request

Your changes will be reviewed by a page admin. Some fixes may be requested before your changes are merged and published.

Submitting hotfixes

If you need to quickly submit a hotfix, follow the process for submitting changes for review and contact a page admin to have your changes approved and published. This should be used sparingly for fixing accidental misinformation or serious typos.

Moderators: Publishing Changes

  1. Merge PR from user fork into HackForVenezuela/
  2. Create a PR to merge gh-pages branch into master branch
    • Note: master should never be merged back into gh-pages, as this will copy the CNAME file and could cause a collision or temporary outage.
  3. Assign another moderator to the PR to review and merge changes.
    • If reviewing and merging changes, use the files tab on the pull request page to view changes, and use the "create review" dropdown to approve/deny changes. Once approved by one person other than the author, the "Merge Pull Request" button will unlock

Admins: Publishing Hotfixes

If this is a hotfix, tag the PR with the "hotfix" tag and check the "Use admin privileges to merge" box when merging pull request. Note that this will bypass all checks, and changes will go live immidiately