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GtC Alerts

Gardening the Community Alerts Mobile apps

Hack for Western MA 2015

This project was made during the Hack for Western MA 2015 event in Springfield, MA on the weekend of June 6-7.

Project information

You can find out more about the project vision here: The basic idea was to make a mobile app that could alert the wider Gardening the Community volunteers and supporters about important activities (volunteer opportunities, events, vegetable availability, and calls for supply donations)


This repository contains a native iOS and Android app that shows past alerts and can receive new Push notifications. The project uses a Parse account, but is configurable.

iOS notes

To build you need to get or make a Keys.plist with your Parse key information. Comments in the AppDelegate.m file explain what to do.

To Do

  1. This project currently uses GitHub to store a sample JSON file. This needs to be replaced with a real CMS backend for the data and the URLs in the app would need to be updated.