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CTF Setup

First, you need an esp32 micro controller. If you do not yet have one, I typically buy these ones from Amazon. If you are reading this because you know I will be at BSidesLV, BlackHat USA and DEFCON, you can ping me on Twitter and Ill hook you up with a pre-flashed on at co$t in Vegas.

Now, to get started, setup your esp32 build environment by following this documentation. Once complete, you can build and flash the code from this repository just the same as you would from the example bluetooth programs in that project which are located in /esp-idf/examples/bluetooth/

If you need a reminder, do the following once you set up your whole esp build environment from the link above.

cd ble_ctf
make menuconfig   # set your serial device in bla -> bla -> bla
# plug in your esp32 to usb
make flash