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bighak Pi and Arduino communications for new motor controllers
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bighak v2.0

bighak has undergone surgery to replace the wheel chair motor controller with more flexible standard high ampage motor controllers.


This project is to re-write the source code to no longer require the hard wired controller and use something like a PS3 controller instead.


We will now use a Raspberry Pi to control everything (like last time) and an Arduino connected via USB serial to the Pi to directly talk to the motor controller.

The modular design means the Pi will be sending left/right motor speeds and directions to the Arduino in the range of [-1,1]. The Arduino will then interpret that range into valid voltage ranges for the motor controllers.

The design means we can swap the controller for other types of controllers like Nintendo Wii joysticks with relative ease. All you need do is interpret the new controllers min and max joystick values back to a range of [-1,1].

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