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This is the GUI code for Cognimates codelab
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Cognimates is platform where parents and children (7-10 years old) participate in creative programming activities where they learn how to build games, program robots, train their own AI models. Some of the activities are mediated by embodied intelligent agents which help learners scaffold learning and better collaborate.


  • Stefania Druga
  • Eesh Likhith
  • Sarah T Vu
  • Tammy Qiu
  • Steven Dale

Getting started

Running the project requires Node.js to be installed.


Open a Command Prompt or Terminal in the repository and run:

npm start

Then go to http://localhost:8601/ - the playground outputs the default GUI component

Cognimates GUI is building on Scratch Gui: a set of React components that comprise the interface for creating and running Scratch 3.0 projects Scratch Gui provided as open source library by Lifelong Kindergarten Group.

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