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DEF CON for N00bs

Introduction to DEF CON for N00bs

DEF CON for N00bs is an open guide for first time attendees to one of, if not the, best hacker conventions. This repo allows people to submit changes to include, suggested docs, resources, etc. Use of a Git repo allows for a lot more people to contribute items no matter how small, without having to use any propreitary tools or collaboration environments.

This document is meant to Grow

  • To all who contribute, I thank you.
  • To all who read this, I wish you luck.
  • To all who think they know something better, submit a pull request.



Introduction to DEF CON

DEF CON generally needs no introduction. However, we are aware that there will be people not familiar with the security industry and culture attending. Sometimes they are sent by employers, sometimes they are just curious and happen to be in Vegas. For those who are unaware, all we will say here in the introduction is that the networks are some of the most hostile you will ever encounter. The Wall of Sheep is real and easy to get on and this event is the combination of some of the most brilliant minds in industry, some of the most annoying pranksters, and (usually) well-meaning drunks. The history of DEF CON and its background are generally out of scope for this repo, we recommend you UTFSE if you are still reading this and haven't moved on yet to the various sections.


The repo is broken into a few different sections:

  • Essentials
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Images


The Essentials folder has guides for knowledge that, as the name suggests, is essential for the event. It includes topics such as:

  • Securing your tech
  • Travel
  • Do's and Don'ts of the event

If any of the topics presented are unfamiliar to you, read them before heading to Tips and Tricks.

Tips & Tricks

The Tips and Tricks folder is for the submission of items that aren't essential, but make life at the con easier. Anything can go here if it helps out DEF CON attendees.


The Images directory is used for diagrams, references, or anything that does not fit well in the text portions of the repo. All images should go here, and be referenced by their correspeonding text.


DEF CON for N00bs is an open guide for first time attendees to the convention.





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