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edges = {(1,'q') : 1}
accepting = [1]
def fsmsim(string,current,edges,accepting):
if string == "":
return current in accepting
letter = string[0]
if(current,letter) in edges:
destination = edges[(current,letter)]
remaining_string = string[1:]
return fsmsim(remaining_string,destination,edges,accepting)
# fall off the FSM
return False
print fsmsim("",1,edges,accepting) # should return True
print fsmsim("q",1,edges,accepting) # should return True
print fsmsim("qqqqqqqqqqqqqq",1,edges,accepting) # should return True
print fsmsim("",1,edges,accepting) # should return True
print fsmsim("qqqqqqAqqqqqq",1,edges,accepting) # should return False
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