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Intel NUC10 Hackintosh OpenCore EFI



OpenCore 0.9.2


  • NUC10i7FNH/FNK
  • NUC10i5FNH/FNK
  • NUC10i3FNH/FNK

OS Version Tested

  • macOS Ventura 13.x (Default config.plist)
  • macOS Monterey 12.x (Replace config.plist with config.Monterey.plist)

BIOS config

The latest version (after 0055) will make CFGLock.efi unable to work!!!

How to update BIOS to the latest version 0059 ?

  1. Unlock CFG with CFGLock tool under BIOS 0055, make sure the value of CFG Lock is 0
  2. Update BIOS to the latest verion 0059
  3. Enter CFGLock, Check whether the CFG Lock value is 0, if it is, then you made it.

BIOS version FNCML357.0059(CFG Unlocked under 0055)

  • Advanced
    • Storage
      • SATA Mode Selection -> AHCI
    • Video
      • IGD Minimum Memory -> 64MB
      • IGD Aperture Size -> 256MB
      • IGD Primary Video Port -> Auto
  • Boot
    • Secure Boot
      • Secure Boot -> Disabled
    • Boot Priority
      • UEFI Boot -> Checked
      • Legacy Boot -> Unchecked
      • Fast Boot -> Unchecked
  • Power
    • Secondary Power Settings
      • Deep S4/S5 -> On
      • Wake on Lan from S4/S5 -> Stay Off
      • Wake System from S5 -> Off
      • Wake From Thunderbolt Device -> Off

keep other settings default.

CFG Unlock

If it's the first time your nuc10 install with macOS, you must unlock CFG before install macOS.

  1. Find a USB flash drive, formatted as FAT32 partition.
  2. Copy EFI files to the root of your USB drive, path will be /EFI.
  3. Reboot your nuc10, press F10, boot with the drive above.
  4. Choose CFGLock Shell.efi unlock CFG.

When in the OC's booting interface, press the space bar to show more options

Known issue

  • Thunderbolt 3 Support very buggy
  • Continuity features not work(EXCEPT HandOff and Universal Clipboard).





QQ Group: 591528332


Thanks to HawkysCC and his EFI