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Junction App

The open source hackathon organizing platform

Junction App · Junction organization

About The Project

JunctionApp Screenshot

We want to provide the best tools for organizing hackathons, so we have developed a platform that anybody can use. Junction App provides an all-in-one platform for hackathon organizing from custom event creation to project judging.


  • Custom event configuration
  • Custom registration forms
  • Participant acceptance
  • Project submissions
  • Gavel voting system

Getting started and involved

Junction App is a community-driven open source project. We are developing the application in the open and always keened to have contributors for the project. If you find a bug or have a smaller feature please post them to github issues. Bigger ideas can be discussed at our discussions page. Junction application is continuously being improved. To follow the development of the application you can start the project and check out our discussions page.

Installation and Contributing

Documentation for installation of the project and contributing can be found here:


Our development roadmap is divided into two roadmaps. Technical and features. Features Roadmap contains what functional features are being developed. These features are meant to capture the use cases and intended behavior of the system. Technical Roadmap contains information about what is being developed on the technical side and is meant to capture non-functional features.


If you have any questions please post them to our discussions page or contact us at

If you want to know more about Junction organization check out our website.