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This repository is for the front-end app. Click here to see the crawler app.

太阁极客榜 (BitTiger Geeks Ranking)

Built with Grunt

太阁极客榜(or BitTiger Geeks Ranking)is a real-time ranking board for BitTiger's Github members. Its results are based on members' Github activities in the past seven days with daily updates at 06:30 PDT.

Demo: https://bittiger-ranking.firebaseapp.com



By showing the Github members' activities in a game-style ranking board, we can finally help the github members grow their interests and get more engaged in coding.

We intentionally introduce some top coders in our ranking board just to have more fun;)


This project consists of three components:

  1. A crawler to dig the members' public data and calculate their rankings.
  2. A Firebase-powered persistence layer for the crawled data.
  3. A front-end single-page app to show the members' rankings from the persistence layer.


npm install
bower install
grunt build

The output is inside the build folder.

Firebase Date Structure

Firebase URL: https://bittiger-ranking.firebaseio.com

 |__ + user_events
 |__ + user_ranking_info

user_events is the data displayed on the ranking board. The data is set by the crawler app and retrieved by the front-end web app.

  • created_time: the most recent update time
  • events: a sorted array of the latest user data
  • event - <number> - ranking_history: the user's most recent 10 rankings
 |__ created_time: "2016-05-09T18:37:44-07:00"
 |__ + events
       |__ + 0
       |__ + 1
       		 |__ CreateEvent: 11
       		 |__ ForkEvent: 4
       		 |__ PullRequestEvent: 6
       		 |__ PushEvent: 23
       		 |__ Total: 44
       		 |__ avatar_url: "https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/7756581?v=3"
       		 |__ html_url: "https://github.com/hackjustu"
       		 |__ login: "hackjustu"
       		 |__ organization: "bittiger"
       		 |__ ranking_change: 0
       		 |__ + ranking_history
       		 		    |__ + 0	  
       		 		    |__ + 1
       		 		          |__ ranking: 3
       		 		          |__ timestamp: "2016-05-09T06:30:03-07:00"

user_ranking_info helps store users' most recent 100 ranking history. As now, this data is only used by the crawler app.

  • <user1's login>: Usually we call it the username for the Github member. It is the same value as shown in the previous user-events - events - <number> - login
     |__ + <user1's login>
     |__ + <user2's login> 
     |__ + hackjustu
     			|__ + 0
     			|__ + 1
       		 		  |__ ranking: 3
       		 		  |__ timestamp: "2016-05-08T06:30:03-07:00"

Ranking Algorithm

We compare Total, PushEvent, PullRequestEvent, CreateEvent and ForkEvent in sequence and stop at the first available result.

Total = PushEvent + PullRequestEvent + CreateEvent + ForkEvent

Note: If you have multiple commits in one push event, we still count it one score. People have suggested using the number of commit instead of push. We could probably adopt this some time, but at this moment, we still count push.

Users can sort the members by other order such as just PushEvent or ForkEvent, but we use the ranking of Total for our medal system in the next section.

Medal System

We adopt a medal system for fun, beacasue we love gaming~~

Medal Icon Scores (Total)
Gold > 49
Silver 20 - 49
Bronze < 20

To Do List

  • More stylish medal icons (We need a designer...)
  • Integration into BitTiger/Wukong system
  • Achievement system
  • Better crawler for more user/repository information

Team Members



  • Project Wukong contributes the prototype for the backend github crawler.
  • Freepik contributes several cool free images.


MIT ©Cosmo

Project Information

  • category: full stack
  • team: Fighting Falcon
  • description: A real-time ranking board for BitTiger's Github members.
  • stack: angular, firebase