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// PRUSA Mendel
// Configuration file
// GNU GPL v2
// Josef Průša
//include <lib/mcad/motors.scad>
include <lib/mcad/nuts_and_bolts.scad>
include <constants.scad>
$fs= 0.3;
// Frame Design Settings
x_belt = true; //use belt or threaded rod for x-axis movement
//threaded rod is currently broken. Do not use it.
//Leave this true or be prepared to do lots of drilling!
//Also, x-carriage doesn't support this option so you'll
//have come up with a hack to make it work if you use this
two_top_rods = true; //Use two top rods or one?
//No repraps have been built with one top, so use
//this design at your own risk!
//Spacing of the 2 smooth rods that the x carriage rides on
x_rod_spacing = 50;
// Build Volume Settings
//The x,y and z printable dimensions in that order
build_volume = [100,100,70];
// Threaded Rod Settings
//the diameter of the threaded rods
threaded_rod_diameter = 9;
//the radius of plastic needed around each threaded rod hole
//to hold it in place
threaded_rod_horizontal_clearance = 4;
//the plastic needed above and under each threaded rod hole
threaded_rod_vertical_clearance = 2;
nut_thickness = METRIC_NUT_THICKNESS[8]; //7.8;
tear_shape = false; //Use tear shaped holes for rods? not compatable with tight_grip = true
tight_grip = false; // Use tight holes where possible so that parts will self tap when
// threaded rod is drilled in. Reduces need for nuts.
// tight_grip = false not compatable with two_top_rods = false
// Motor Settings
//NEMA_version //Variable not yet implemented.
//BS That Works
// unprintable height under the y carriage for motors + electronics.
// (rough estimate for vert angle calculations)
basement_height = 90;
// unprintable height from the bottom of the top frame vertex to
// the point where the frame verticies meet.
// (rough estimate for vert angle calculations)
attic_height = 5;
//unprintable area due to the x ends/z-sliders
z_slider_unprintable_height = 70;
// extra length needed on the y axis to compensate for the
// y-carriage's length. This is setup for the ABP carriage mount.
y_carriage_unprintable_length = 4;
//length from the middle of the bottom frame vertex to where the
//frame triangle's threaded rods would meet if they were
//extended to that point.
y_vert_triangle_offset = 2;
total_unprintable_area = [0,
y_carriage_unprintable_length + y_vert_triangle_offset,
vert_angle = atan( 2*(build_volume[Z]+total_unprintable_area[Z])/(build_volume[Y]+total_unprintable_area[Y]));
echo("Frame Vertex Angle: ",vert_angle);
hor_hole_seperation = threaded_rod_diameter*2+threaded_rod_horizontal_clearance*2;
// Legacy
// DEPRECATED! M8 rod diameter. use threaded_rod_diameter
m8_diameter = threaded_rod_diameter;
// Used for $fn nut trick -> cylinder(h = 5, r=4.5, $fn=6, center=true);
//Diameter of the nuts used on the the threaded rod
//nut_diameter = 16.4;
//Clearance for accessible nuts such as on frame verticies
nut_clearance = 4;
//DEPRECATED! use nut_diameter
// M8 nut diameter diameter.
m8_nut_diameter = nut_diameter;
// M4 rod/screw diameter
m4_diameter = 5;
// M4 nut diameter diameter
// Used for $fn nut trick -> cylinder(h = 5, r=4.5, $fn=6, center=true);
m4_nut_diameter = METRIC_NUT_AC_WIDTHS[4]; //9;
// M3 rod/screw diameter
m3_diameter = 4.4;
// M3 nut diameter diameter
// Used for $fn nut trick -> cylinder(h = 5, r=4.5, $fn=6, center=true);
m3_nut_diameter = METRIC_NUT_AC_WIDTHS[3]; //7;
// Bushing holders diameter
bushing_diameter = 11;