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Adds partlist file. Compiles to give partlist. WIP

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1 parent bb5ff99 commit 2302081a94121213103fa6764541616668b2811b @colah colah committed Dec 21, 2010
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+//When built, this file will echo a partlist, specific to your configurations.
+include <configuration.scad>
+echo("Part list for build_volume", build_volume);
+echo("Many ", nut_diameter, " diameter nuts.");
+echo ("4x stepper motor.");
+echo("4x frame-vertex");
+echo("8x pla-bushing");
+echo("6x bar-clamp");
+echo("1x build platform mount");
+echo("1x ", build_volume[X], "x", build_volume[Y], "mm build platform");
+echo("2x z-motor-mount");
+echo("1x x-end-motor");
+echo("1x x-end-idler");

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