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hmeyer commented Jan 16, 2011

Is there an overview of the requiered vitamins somewhere?
Also it would be perfect to have some debug output of openscad, which tells me the length of the different bars and threaded rods as well as the distances between parts in the final assembly, depending on the configuration.scad.

D1plo1d commented Jan 19, 2011

5/16 threaded rods - Measure these by assembling your parts to the build size you need and then figure out how long the rods need to be. (this sucks i know.. it's beta ;)
5/16 smooth rods - same
5/16 nuts - allot? I'd say 50-75?
some zip ties
teflon bushings
screws for your motors
4x nema 17 stepper motors
2x timing belts

There is a metric equivalent to 5/16 (M8 i think?) so if you do those metric things just use that.

This should all go on the wiki though. If you want to help document it that would actually help us out allot in getting this design more widely accepted as the next RepRap!

hmeyer commented Jan 19, 2011

I'll start with an addition to README first.
What is needed for the pulleys and belt clamps?
Are M8 nuts really supposed to fit into the x-ends (because they will never fit into what I printed)?
What about washers? Nylon nuts?

Don't we basically need most of this?

D1plo1d commented Jan 21, 2011

Yes, that should be a good template for our vitamin list.

I don't use washers, nylock nuts should probably be recommended but I don't use them because they cost more/my abs is strong enough that i can really tighten the nuts down.

belt clamps should be the same, except we need 2 less (not needed on my new y-carriage design because the belt zip ties to a threaded rod under the carriage).

For pulleys we'll need the exact same bearings as the Prusa Mendel.

D1plo1d commented Jan 25, 2011

Update: we're going to be using only the one size of bearings soon (the type that fit on 5/16 and m8 rod). You can see the modified x-idler for this in the z-and-x-redesign branch. (for the z-idler you just glue the center of your bearing to the plastic [fyi it's untested atm].

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