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OpenSCAD MCAD Library

This library contains components commonly used in designing and moching up
mechanical designs. It is currently unfinished and you can expect some API
changes, however many things are already working.

This library is licensed under the LGPL 2.1
See or the included file, lgpl-2.1.txt.

== Usage ==
You can import these files in your scripts with "use <MCAD/*.scad>", but some
files include useful constants which will be available with "include <MCAD/*.scad>",
which should be safe to use on all included files (ie. no top level code should
create geometry). (There is a bug/feature that prevents including constants from
files that "include" other files - see the openscad mailing list archives for more
details. Since the maintainers aren't very responsive, may have to work around this

If you host your project in git, you can do "git submodule add URL PATH" in your
repo to import this library as a git submodule for easy usage. Then you need to do
a "git submodule update --init" after cloning. When you want to update the submodule,
do "cd PATH; git checkout master; git pull". See "git help submodule"" for more info.

Currently Provided Tools:

* involute_gears.scad (
    - gear()
    - bevel_gear()
    - bevel_gear_pair()

* gears.scad (Old version):
    - gear(number_of_teeth, circular_pitch OR diametrial_pitch, pressure_angle OPTIONAL, clearance OPTIONAL)

* motors.scad:
    - stepper_motor_mount(nema_standard, slide_distance OPTIONAL, mochup OPTIONAL)

Other tools (alpha and beta quality):
* nuts_and_bolts.scad: for creating metric and imperial bolt/nut holes
* bearing.scad: standard/custom bearings
* screw.scad: screws and augers
* materials.scad: color definitions for different materials
* stepper.scad: NEMA standard stepper outlines
* servos.scad: servo outlines
* boxes.scad: box with rounded corners
* triangles.scad: simple triangles

Very generally useful functions and constants:
* math.scad: general math functions
* constants.scad: mathematical constants
* curves.scad: mathematical functions defining curves
* units.scad: easy metric units
* utilities.scad: geometric funtions and misc. useful stuff
* teardrop.scad ( parametric teardrop module
* shapes.scad: simple shapes by Catarina Mota

External utils that generate and and process openscad code:
* testing code, see below
* code for scraping function names etc.

== Development ==
You are welcome to fork this project in github and request pulls. I will try to
accomodate the community as much as possible in this. If for some reason you
want collaborator access, just ask.

Github is fun (and easy), but I can include code submissions and other
improvements directly, and have already included code from various sources
(thingiverse is great :)

=== Code style ===
I'd prefer to have all included code nicely indented, at least at the block
level, and no extraneous whitespace. I'm used to indent with four spaces as
opposed to tabs or other mixes of whitespace, but at least try to choose a style
and stick to it.

=== Testing ===
I've started a minimal testing infrastucture for OpenSCAD code. It's written in
python and uses py.test (might be compatible with Nose also). Just type py.test
inside the lib dir in a terminal and you should see a part of the tests passing
and tracebacks for failing tests. It's very simplistic still, but it should test
that no syntax errors occur at least.

The code is included in, and can be imported to be
used in other codebases.