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Authentication guide - Nextcloud (self-hosted)

This has been constructed using the Nextcloud OAuth2 Documentation combined with this issue comment on the nextcloud bugtracker.

This guide uses the generic OAuth2 module for compatibility with Nextcloud 13 and above (this guide has been tested successfully with Nextcloud 14).

  1. Sign-in with an administrator account to your Nextcloud server

  2. Navigate to the OAuth integration settings: Profile Icon (top right) --> Settings Then choose Security Settings from the Administration part of the list - Don't confuse this with Personal Security Settings, where you would change your personal password! At the top there's OAuth 2.0-Clients. Where to find OAuth2 in Nextcloud

  3. Add your CodiMD instance by giving it a name (perhaps CodiMD, but could be anything) and a Redirection-URI. The Redirection-URI will be \<your-codimd-url\>/auth/oauth2/callback. Click Add. Adding a client to Nextcloud

  4. You'll now see a line containing a client identifier and a Secret. Successfully added OAuth2-client

  5. That's it for Nextcloud, the rest is configured in your CodiMD config.json or via the CMD_ environment variables!

  6. Add the Client ID and Client Secret to your config.json file or pass them as environment variables. Make sure you also replace <your-nextcloud-domain> with the right domain name.

    • config.json:
        "production": {
          "oauth2": {
              "clientID": "ii4p1u3jz7dXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
              "clientSecret": "mqzzx6fydbXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
              "authorizationURL": "https://<your-nextcloud-domain>/apps/oauth2/authorize",
              "tokenURL": "https://<your-nextcloud-domain>/apps/oauth2/api/v1/token",
              "userProfileURL": "https://<your-nextcloud-domain>/ocs/v2.php/cloud/user?format=json",
              "userProfileUsernameAttr": "",
              "userProfileDisplayNameAttr": "",
              "userProfileEmailAttr": ""
    • environment variables: