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0verkill game patches
C Smalltalk
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data Implement our beloved Falcona
doc Initial commit
grx Add Chadima
.gitignore git: ignore X11 programs
0verkill.dsp Initial commit
0verkill.dsw Initial commit
AUTHORS Initial commit
Bot.dsp Initial commit
COPYING Fixed typo
INSTALL Initial commit Make DATA_PATH configurable
Server.dsp Initial commit
TestServer.dsp Initial commit
VERSION Initial commit
avi.c First multipatch - this fixes all compile warnings on gcc4,
avihelp.c Some warnings due to standard compliance fixed
blit.c Fixes for Wokna ... part I
blit.h Initial commit
bot.c make the bot send a short name
cfg.h cfg.h: pull stdlib.h for exit()
client.c client.c: fix a typo chdir to BASE_DIR
console.c Speed optimization - try2
crc32.c Initial commit
crc32.h Initial commit
data.c Add destructible objects
data.h some refomatting in data.h
editor.c editor: #undef O after use
error.c error.[ch]: fix keyword usage
getopt.c Initial commit
getopt.h Initial commit
hash.c Initial commit
hash.h Initial commit
help.c We now have 7 weapons, so show it properly
help.h Initial commit
icon.h Initial commit
install-sh Check for the install script
kbd.c Fixed some warnings and possible overflows
kbd.h Initial commit
math.h Removed put_ and get_float and replaced it with put_
md5.c Fixes for SunOS - now 0verkill compiles on SunOS 5.10 (u-us ;-) )
md5.copyright Initial commit
md5.h Fixes for SunOS - now 0verkill compiles on SunOS 5.10 (u-us ;-) )
md5hl.c Fixes for Wokna ... part I
net.c Modified packet offset computation
net.h New weapon - bloodrain
purge Initial commit
rebuild Initial commit
release add a 'release' script
server.c server: make the P_PLAYER_REFUSED packets work
server.h Improve keyboard handling
sprite.c Fixes for Wokna ... part I
sprite.h First multipatch - this fixes all compile warnings on gcc4,
stamp-h Initial commit
test_server.c test_server: add options for verbose output
time.c Fixes for Wokna ... part I
time.h Initial commit
winconsole.c Fixes for Wokna ... part I
winkbd.c Initial commit
x.h Initial commit
xinterface.c Inline for speed
xkbd.c Initial commit
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