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OpenFight v1.0.0 WIP


The main goal of this project is to be as easily customizable as possible, so every community (nation, city, or whatever) that needs an application allow their members to have access to quick an auto-diagnosis tool, and at the same time that allows the community to gather big-data around the propagation of the disease, could just adapt the tests, symptoms and formulas to their own needs, without having to develop a whole thing from scratch.

All the texts are placed in the folder translations/ where there is a folder for each view, and other more for the common things.

The language picker is configured in config/languages.js, there you can select the available languages, and the url correspondant to each view.

The symptoms are configured in config/symptoms.js, currently there are only two types of components, select and slider.

The file config/diagnosis.js manage how the diagnosis is computed.

In the file config/bigData.js will be placed the settings on how the data is shared.

The style can be tuned with the files config/pre-style.sass that is loaded before any other .sass and can be used to initialize bulma variables, and the file config/post-style.sass that is the last sass loaded so you can override whatever you want.

The assets, like logos, images and fonts, go in the folder public

With all this, I hope you do not need to go to src/ and work with the main code. Bou if you do that, you are very welcome to bring your improvements back, so more people can enjoy them.

Local deployment, for development.

Please calm. I'm still working on the code and the documentation.

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