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Use this page to enumerate (i.e., with numbers) the presenting groups. Please indicate names+schools of members. Thanks!

  1. Angjoo Kanazawa (NYU) Can i go first!!!!!
  2. winner -- 2nd Justin Ardini, Paul Kernfeld, David Trejo (Brown University): Phone-operated Tanks — open sourced the tech behind it, see the demo: nodaphone.
  3. ComeFind.Me - Jon Botelho AKA Python_Guy (UMASS Dartmouth formerly WPI) and Jacob Shufro AKA Patches (NYU formerly WPI) ( -not yet 100%- emails,
  4. (did not present :-( overslept 1st hackathon - newb) - Trevor Owens (NYU) @to2
  5. winner -- best interschool collaboration WhatToDo - Robert Martin (Columbia) Caitlin Caldwell (Princeton), Eric Rafaloff (Baruch), Chris Triolo (Princeton), Michael Bartnett (NYU)
  6. winner -- 3rd TextRoulette - Joey Dong, Vaibhav Verma, Sameen Jalal (Rutgers)
  7. polyvox - Jacob Hickey (NYU)
  8. As Seen on NYTimes - Luke BrownGold and Pritika Nilaratna (Parsons)
  9. RECCE: your recommendations recon --- Akash Mehra (NYU) and Twain (U of London)
  10. Matt Ward - (Columbia ) - API + demo "Should I skip work today?" app
  11. Team CCNY Ready to go: Sebastian Pendola(CCNY), Siddhartha Kumar(CCNY), Febin Moideen(CCNY), Carlos Moreaux(CCNY)'
  12. winner -- 1st Cockadoodledo - The Smart Alarm by Ian Jennings (Rutgers) @meetjennings on Twitter
  13. honorable mention Foursqwhere - Max Stoller (@maxstoller) / Tal Safran (@talsafran) reppin' NYU, HackNY, and Tech@NYU
  14. winner -- beautiful mind The Fuck Should We , a.k.a. Hunch Group Recommendations: Moses Nakamura, Sid Nair, Kui Tang, Cecilia Schudel, Zhehao Mao, Tanay J (with help from Matt Ward and others)(Columbia)
  15. winner -- funniest presentation ChooseBurger - Akiva Bamberger, esq (@xoob,
  16. winner -- best hair Heart2Heart - Jeffrey Dileo, Joshua Alexander, Jim Klopchic (NYU-Poly)
  17. chargesplit team PENNAPPS!! (Penn)
  18. randomnumberhotline team PENNAPPS!!! (Penn)
  19. Modern Day Pirate (did not present) - Mike Swift (Rutgers)
  20. Building Battle RPG - Harush Agrawal (NYU), Alexander evadahl (Cooper Union), Michael Benoit (Cooper Union)
  21. HackNY Floor Plan - Nathan Hwang (Columbia)
  22. Disperse - Raymond, Fiazan, Asuquo
  23. SnapMob - Dennis Kwon (Columbia)