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Hackathon Winners

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First prize ($500) — The Etsy Shopping Network, a Boxee app that displays the full Etsy catalog on your TV. Adit Shukla (NYU), Doug Fulop (NYU), Eric Seidel (City College)

Second prize ($250) — WebGL Filters, an app that uses the WebGL (web-based graphics) library of Javascript to do fast in-browser editing comparable to Photoshop or Aviary. Evan Wallace (Brown)

Third prize ($100) — COME @ ME BRO, a Twitter app that uses the Hunch A.P.I. to figure out who you should fight nearby based on your taste in movies. Abe Stanway (Rutgers)

Honorable mentions:

PlayAR — An augmented reality app that lets users play an invisible xylophone or drum machine using a webcam, computer and their hands. Benjamin Ludman (Columbia)

RageRacer — An app that turns your iPhone into a Wiimote and a racing game to demonstrate that capability. David Wang, Daniel Ge, Adi Dahiya, Bezhou Feng

Print That for Me — An elegant little app that lets students crowdsource the printing of documents. Upload a paper, request a print, set a meeting place, and promise to pay $5; other students will see the request, print the document and meet you with it. The list of documents could be sorted by location. Tengchao Zhou (NYU)

Best use of “a bunch of A.P.I.s — DeaLocos, a location-based dealfinder that uses Hunch to figure out what deals you’d be into. Frank Buonarota, Alex Shulman, Simon Sidhom, Ryan Gavin (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Best Use of Machine Learning — Student: A JS ML Toolkit, a demonstration of how a few lines of Javascript can let you teach a computer patterns from the browser. Jacob Andreas (Columbia)

The “sex, drugs and dungeons and dragons” award — Mugshot, which creates an animated .gif of a student who drunkenly stumbles into the bathroom after a night of revelry, to embarrass them into behaving better. Andres Campanella Pinzon

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