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Want to relive the awesomeness? Watch the presentations here:

Student teams sign up here for the Student Demos, Sunday April 10 noon-2 pm

Hunch Punch

Grant Kot, Nathan, Mark Liu (julliard+cu+cu). You can grab the source from a server, but we can't guarantee that your eyes won't fall out from too-hastily written code.


Alexey Komissarouk, Ayaka Nonaka, Matthew Croop, Jordan Kay, Adi Dahiya (All from Penn)

DeaLocos | Crazy deals fit to you!

Stevens Institute of Technology Frank Buonarota, Alex Shulman, Simon Sidhom, Ryan Gavin


Adit Shukla (NYU), Doug Fulop (NYU), Eric Seidel (City College)

Find it at, or if you have a BoxeeBox, download the Etsy Shopping Network App

** Off Ice | Imazing Effects **

Faisal Nahian (City College), Sean Yeh (Julliard)

** COME @ ME BRO **

Abe Stanway (RU)

** WebGL Filters **

Evan Wallace (brown)

** Just Picture Us **

Aaron Marks, Giovonni Lobato (NYU) Sorry about the presentation, play with our app here!

** antiREcaptcha **

Jeff Dileo, Jim Klopchic, Joshua Alexander (nyupoly)

** Student: a JS ML toolkit ** (columbia)

Jacob Andreas

** LoChat **

Misha Ponizil (nyu)


Ulysses Popple, Eric Sluyter, Yuriy Skobov, Emmett , Andrew Flockhart (nyu)

Alex Godin (can't make the demos but the site is live at lets you visualize all the people checked in at a location and creates a twillio based chat roomq)


Eitan Adler, Matt Dannenberg, Zhehao Mao, Sid Nair, Moses Nakamura, Cecilia Schudel, Matt Wetmore (cu+suny ) Snakelegs Mongo ORM


Hyper Public API, Google Maps Static API, Python Imaging Library
Hans Hyttinen @lumilux (Columbia SEAS CS)


Benjamin Ludman (@benludman) - Columbia 2011 Uses:

Facebook 20 Questions

Sameen Jalal, Vaibhav Verma, Jereme Schiff


Andres "El Chupacabras" Campanella Pinzon


David Wang, Daniel Ge, Adi Dahiya, Bezhou Feng


Ian Jennings

Mike Swift


Kathy Sun, Shannon Lee, Mason Silber, Tanay Jaipuria, Kenneth Chang, Ephraim Park, Sam Kuhn

Matt Wetmore

Can you print that for me?

Tengchao Zhou thanks Jared Wyatt