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this is a hash cracker written in java. it supports on the momend only md5 hashes with cpu cracking. other fetures like gpu cracking comes later because I first want to make it faster.

threads are added so you can change those in the file

max speeds with i7 4702MQ = 2500000 Hs / 2500 Khs/ 2,5 Mhs

So you make the program work:

  • compile the jar file.
  • download a wordlist.
  • open terminal/command prompt.
  • tipe: java -jar md5.jar ( your md5 hash) ( your wordlist )

Example: java -jar md5.jar f96bd3e1b9e0a1a2c0c2e6c2deb4aa77 'C:\Users\mh123hack\Downloads\wordlist.txt'

binaries and releases:

bitcoin: 1E251Rpb7zd8adcfmSgE1GDRyt6M36H2mP