Java3D psuedo transparent window hack
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Glass (2005)

Java3D psuedo transparent window hack

Java GUI API's (AWT/SWING) or Java3D does not provide transparent windows or shaped windows like other platform specfic API's like X/Motif or MS Windows API.

tag screenshot

This is a hack for a psuedo transaprent window using Java Robot API to do a screen capture and using it as the background on the Java 3D wiew on a JWindow created without any window decorations.

How does it work

  1. Use Robot API and do a screen capture and store it into a BufferedImage
  2. Extend JWindow override paint() and update()
  3. Create a Canvas3D with default GraphicsConfiguration
  4. Add the Canvas3D to the Content Pane of JWindow created in Step 2
  5. Create a Java3D Scene Graph with the BufferedImage captured by Robot in Step 1 as the background texture.
  6. Create a SimpleUniverse with Canvas3D from Step 3 and Scene Graph from Step 5