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Transportation backend repo 2016 - 2017


The transDjango directory contains the django application that we're working on. Some brief instructions on how to install the django application and get the database up and running are in the transDjango Readme. Please feel free to contribute to those instructions along with the code.


To see what needs to be done, you can check the github issues page. We've also connected Waffle and GitHub Projects to these issues if you like using those applications.

Anyone in the GitHub Transportation 2016-17 team can push to the repository. If you'r not a member, you can request to be added to the team through GitHub or Slack. Please follow the openopensource guidelines for contributing to the code base.

Information Sources

The transportation-backend wiki is the best place to go for information on the project. That includes next steps, links to data sources, and other processes and procedures.

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