Glove-mounted voltmeter
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The Xadow Glove

The Xadow Glove is an electronics convenience project designed to help you be hands free while workig on an electronics project and allow you to use your fingers as a volt meter.

The Xadow Glove consists of a Xadow microcontroller, 3axis sensor and 5x7 LED Grid + some wire and some batteries. When you put it on and power it up and you can read volts of anything you touch with your thumb and forefinger.

##Modes The Device can be tilted to change the mode. Currently the only mode support and working is the Volt Meter but there are stubs to create more modes and to try and get them working.

Unfortunately the Modes didn't work as expected as the digital/analog inputs were pretty a little wonky and we needed to switch to the 3axis at the last minute.

#Project File


#Pictures Xadow Boards we started with: Dashboard layout: Final Prototype: