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#ifndef LEDSTRIP_H
#define LEDSTRIP_H
#include <string>
class LedStrip {
* Create a new LedStrip
* @param image_width Width of the source impage
* @param image_height Height of the source image
* @param offst Row offset to write to this strip
LedStrip(int image_width, int image_height, int offset) :
m_offset(offset) {
* Open a serial device for writing
* @param portname Name of the serial port to open (example: /dev/ttyACM0)
void Connect(std::string portname);
* Write a buffer of data out to the serial port
* @param data Frame of color data to load, image_height*image_width*3 bytes
void LoadData(char* data);
* Cause the strips to update their displays by clocking out 0's
void Flip();
* Send 64 bytes of data to the machine. Automatically handles flushing the
* data, and retrying if necessicary.
* @param data 64 bytes of data to send.
void SendBytes64(char* data);
* Convert a block of colors from split RGB format to parallal format
* @param[out] output_data 24 bytes of formatted color data.
* @param[in] input_data 24 bytes of input color data
void ConvertColor24(char* output_data, char* input_data);
int m_image_width;
int m_image_height;
int m_offset;
int m_fd; // File descriptor