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Mentors List for NU Hacks

The idea for this project is to make it easy for freshmen/underclassmen to find upperclassmen and get help on a project or seek mentorship. Please add yourself if you wouldn't mind helping out some nerdy baby huskies.

If you haven't hacked at Hacks before, we ask that you show up and interact with members at an IRL meeting before adding yourself here.

husky family

Where do I shove my data?

The JSON file is in _harp/_data.json. Main guideline is to follow the existing examples. Push to the dev branch, not gh-pages.

Some things to note:

  • Remember that strings need to be strings. Stringy strings, everyone.
  • You have to have a name, description, and lang and interest arrays. (See Outline section below for more info.)
  • If you don't have, or don't want to share, your github, website URL, email, or twitter handle, just don't include the key-value pair. Don't shove empty strings, because then we'll have dead links.

Outline of a Mentor-describing Object

Key Value
name Is your full name.
desc A short, informal bio.
github Github username.
www Your personal website's full URL. Full. This is getting shoved right into a link tag.
twitter Just your twitter handle.
ccis Just your ccis username, if you have one.
email Your email. This is getting shoved into a mailto: link, so no funny business. If you don't want it up here, don't put it up here.
langs An array of strings, representing the list of programming languages, frameworks, etc. that you'd be comfortable giving advice about. If it's a concrete technology that you put on your resume, it probably belongs here.
interests An array of strings, representing things you're interested in and would be willing to talk about. Hobbies, passions, anything goes, really.

Maintenance and Publishing Process

Big Picture: We use HarpJS to take the JSON file describing all the human mentors, the Sass files, and any other static assets into nice html/css files. And then we serve them up on a platter using Github Pages.


This project should work on:

  • harp: v0.24.0
  • node: v8.5

Local development

Assuming you've already installed Harp properly and cloned the repo, run harp server _harp within the repository's directory, on the dev branch. You should be able to see a local copy of the Mentors Page served upon http://localhost:9000/.

Accepting PR's

So say you get a pull request. Check the diffs to make sure the mentor has submitted a reasonable pull request. Check to make sure the mentor isn't making absurd claims, bad spelling mistakes, racist jokes in the bio, or anything else unacceptable. Reject crummy pull requests.

Do a cursory check that the commas are all still in the right place.


  1. npm install --dev
  2. npm run deploy

And that's all, folks! If you've got questions or anything's not clear, file a bug report. Thanks!